Changes to NHS Orthodontic Services Kirklees and Calderdale April 2020.

What is happening?

Only Orthodontics currently holds one of the contracts for providing NHS Orthodontic treatment in the Huddersfield, Calderdale, Dewsbury and Batley areas. However, our contract will be coming to an end in March 2020. From April, Saltaire Orthodontics will provide treatment to new NHS patients in the area.

What does this mean for you?

Existing patients

Only Orthodontics are dedicated to ensuring our patients receive the best care possible, with minimal disruption. So we are trying to negotiate an agreement with NHS England to ensure a continuation of service for our existing patients.

If our negotiations are successful, our patients should experience no change moving forwards. The transfer of contracts will only apply to new NHS patients starting treatment in April.

This means that if you or your child is already receiving orthodontic treatment with us, you will not need to transfer to a new orthodontist. Up until the point where you can be discharged, you will be treated by the same team as you are now.

Continuation of service will also apply to patients awaiting assessments. If you or your child has an appointment scheduled with us, this will take place as arranged.

Patients on a waiting list

The only difference will apply to patients who have received an assessment, but are yet to start treatment.

If this is the case, you will be referred to the new provider through the new central referral system. The NHS believe that you will maintain your current place on the waiting list.

Only Orthodontics and NHS England are working closely together to ensure a smooth and easy transition for these patients, and you will be kept up to date on all information regarding the transfer of your or your child’s treatment.

Are there any changes to NHS funding for children?

If your child currently receives NHS funding for their orthodontic care, this will continue as normal.

NHS orthodontic treatment for children is free for those who are in the qualifying categories and there will be no changes to the funding arrangements.

If you have any questions regarding the change in service that have not been answered here, please contact NHS England on 0300 311 2233 or

If you are an existing patient of Only Orthodontics, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 01484 454600 for any queries regarding your treatment schedule moving forwards.

Only Orthodontics will remain as an independent orthodontic practice providing treatment outside the NHS. We will continue to provide high quality treatment through a range of affordable options. Please contact us to discuss what options are available.